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Lee, Michael ('20) 0570716
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Duvernois, Michael (Parent) 0527021
Hill, Heather (Parent) 0527002
Cavanaugh, Ellen ('20) 0526966
Bal, Darek (Parent) 0526861
Dixon, John ('20) 0526813
Tack, Melanie (Parent) 0526809
Vetter, Tricia ('20) 0526806
LaFrance-Linden, Dawn (Parent) 0526799
Green, Lisa ('18) 0526791
Milbitz, Anny (Parent) 0526777
Loncharich, Gloria (Parent) 0526763
Dixon, Jim ('20) 0526698
Yarka, Janet (Parent) 0526635
Migliozzi, Anthony (Parent) 0526634
Hsu, Lilian (Parent) 0526571
Andrews (Gonzalez), Pam (Parent) 0526568
McGuinness, Simone (Parent) 0526539
Jenkins, Anthony (Parent) 0520359
DeNapoli, Kristine (Krissy) (Parent) 0520356
Waters, Jennifer (Parent) 0520149
Adamczyk, Taylor (Fac/Staff) 0520143

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Welcome to the Webb Parents Association

The Webb Parents Association (WPA) was organized in 2008 with the mission “to promote participation of parents and families to enrich the Webb experience through communication and support in keeping with the institution’s traditions, goals and standards of excellence.” 

Parents new to Webb are invited to learn more about the school and the WPA by registering and visiting this website, which includes WPA meeting minutes and by-laws, photos, a discussion board, and information about the school and the surrounding community, and Winter Work.

This is the Webb Parents Association private, online community created exclusively for family members of Webb students – past, present, and future. It is a secure, password-protected environment established by Webb Institute.

Once you register, an email will be sent to confirm your membership and validate your email address.  Be sure to click on the link in this email so your account can be activated.

Family Weekend 2016

Family Weekend photos are now online! If you would like to add your own photos to our album, please contact Kerri Allegretta at

Joining the WPA

Membership in the Webb Parents Association is open to parents, guardians and families of all current students and graduates. There is no fee, form or application for membership. Become involved with the WPA today by joining this website for up-to-the-minute messages and information about the organization's activities.
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Webb Institute photos are available online.

Webb Institute photos are now available on Smugmug! If you would like to share photos, please email Kerri Allegretta at

Webb Institute Documentary

Full-length Webb Institute Documentary available on Vimeo!



WPA Officers

Chair: George Mouravieff P'09, P'11, P'16

Vice Chair: Kimberly Conway P'15

Secretary-Treasurer:  Cindy Gavel P’16

Communications Moderator: Pending

Administrative Liaison: Pending

Student Liaison: Pending

Alumni Liaison: Carol Drollinger P’09

Director of Media Relations and Communications: Kerri Allegretta,

Assistant Director of Media Relations and Communications: Taylor Adamczyk ,

Where is everyone?

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    Mission Statement and Association Goals

    Mission Statement:

    “The purpose of the Webb Parents Association is to promote participation of parents and families to enrich the Webb experience through communication and support in keeping with the institution's traditions, goals and standards of excellence.” 


    Association Goals:

      • Create a venue for sharing information and concerns. 
      • Foster closeness / sense of community.
      • Provide support and resources for student needs and concerns.
      • Serve as a liaison for prospective students and their families.

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    Member ID: KS5659461

    Webb Parents Association Meeting Notes

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